You love my personal updates…

And if you don’t, then no one is making you read it. So there 😛

Last night when I posted Top Ten Tuesday, I realized I am really quite bad at 24-hour time. I meant to post it at 11pm, and I posted it at 9pm. Whoops.

My husband and I have been on vacation for just over a week, and we have been loving it. My health has still been very very poor thanks to a horrible Colitis flare, and I am back on high-dose steroids for the second time in two months, so taking some time off was just what I needed. I have been reading and gaming when I can get up the energy. I have also been eating ALL the food because of the meds.

My grandma is still in the hospital, still very touch-and-go. We got to see her again on the 21st, and it was really nice, even though she is in isolation and we had to be in masks and gowns.

So yeah… that is what has been going on with me! I have been trying to keep blog posts queued, but some days I just don’t have energy to write. So I apologize in advance for any slipping.

Love you all!