Resolved to Write

So, I think it is almost official. I will be attempting Camp NaNo this year.

Yesterday was a pretty bad day for me, health-wise. Yet on the list of things I wanted to do, “write” was still present. So on the way home I kind of resolved myself to write more. Well, to write anything, really.

I know what has stopped me so far. What has either stopped me mid-story or kept me from putting pen to paper altogether. It’s fear.

Fear is a powerful thing. I am afraid that my skill is not where it needs to be. I love to write, but really that isn’t enough to make a living off of it. And ultimately, that is what I want (and need) to do with my writing. It all boils down to that one fear. I am afraid of not being good enough.

Well, I am also afraid of not making something of my life while I have the chance, and that fear is a pretty good motivator.

So, I have given myself a year to write a polished draft of a completed novel. At that time I will explore options to have it read and critiqued by people in the business. Our library runs a writer-in-residence program, so I might take advantage of that. We also have an aspiring authors mentor program, but that costs money. (But I have a year to save.)

I have also thought about running a RocketHub or KickStarter for me to be able to go back to school and take some writing courses. But I don’t know about that yet.

So, with a lot of fear, but also hope… here goes nothing! And here is to finally removing the “aspiring” from “aspiring author” when I tell people about myself.