Two New Things!

This past week I got two new things, both related to reading. Though one is more important than the other.

The more important of the two is that I got new glasses. After a few years, my prescription had changed drastically and the need was great. So I finally bit the bullet and did it. I also got prescription sunglasses, which I have never had before! I was going to take a picture of me with my new glasses, but I am having an exceptionally bad hair day. So no pictures for now.

Being able to actually read what I am trying to read is fantastic, and the prescription is so good it is actually still making me dizzy.

And my other acquisition is more fun, but in this day and age, almost integral to reading. After many months of agonizing, I decided on an eReader, and my wonderful fiance bought it for me as an early birthday gift (my birthday is next month). I got a red Sony PRS-T1, and her name is Giselle. Yes, I named my eReader. I also named my laptop. And our car. But I digress.

What made me pick the Sony? A few things. It has integrated support for the Canadian library system, and since that is where I get most of my books, that was really important to me. It also has expandable memory and I can side-load my books to it from my computer. I really like Kindles, but their format support is so limited that it would pretty much put an end to my library borrowing. The Kobo Touch was also in the running, but in the end I liked the feel of the Sony a lot better. Right now I have to carry her around in her box, because I don’t have a case yet.

I still prefer paper books. The experience of reading a book is very sensual. You feel the book in your hands, you can smell the paper, you can hear the pages turning. I personally don’t lick my books, but I am sure there are some people out there who do. With an eReader your book reading experience is limited to one sense. You see the words. And I guess you feel the eReader in your hand, but its not the same. It is impersonal. Cold. Electronic.

Personally, my favorite part of reading a book is cracking the spine. Some people take great pains to not damage their books in that way, but I think it speaks to how much I enjoyed the book if the spine is cracked. If I am focused on holding a book in the proper position to make sure it is perfectly preserved, I am not all that focused on the story. But you can’t crack the spine on an eBook.

However, I am very glad to have my Sony in my life. It will make for fewer trips to the library and cheaper books when I have to buy.

Do you have an eReader? What kind, and what drew you to it?