Camp NaNo 2012 – WINNER

Many things tried to keep me from winning this month, but I persevered. For those of you who don’t know, you only get this shiny little graphic after you validate your novel and it can see that YES you have indeed finished 50,000 words or more.

I finished at 50,150 words. My novel’s working title and plot are things that I plan to keep secret for a while. But I will be taking a break before I continue with it.

So, when does National Sleep For A Month month start? Anyone?


Camp NaNoWriMo – The Home Stretch!

So with the rolling over of the clock from August 25 to August 26, I am officially in my last week of NaNo.

I mean, technically you could say I have been in the last week for a few days now, since the one week mark was Friday, but there is something concrete about seeing the end on the same line of the calendar as your current day that makes it that much more… final.

I hit 40,000 words today! I still haven’t figured out what my 25,000 word reward will be, or my 50,000 word reward. Maybe sushi for lunch for 25,000 words, and then buying a movie I have been really wanting to watch for 50,000? (Avatar, in case you are curious…)

I am actually going to do this. I am going to finish this Camp NaNoWriMo, and at the end I will have 50,000 words of story. OK, so it will be 50,000 words of story, a good 25,000 of which will probably meet the machete of editing when I get there. But this is HUGE for me. It is a HUGE obstacle to overcome the need to write perfectly the first time and to just… write.

And damn. It feels good.

Mini Update – Camp NaNo and Other Things

Hello followers!

I apologize that I haven’t been blogging much lately.

In addition to being really focused on Camp NaNo (27k words tonight!) I have been dealing with some health things. I will probably be quasi-MIA for a while until I can get my health sorted out to my satisfaction.

I don’t want to bore you with the details, but many tests and things are being done. I am OK — just need to look into some things.

Also, it is kind of hard to write my NaNo words and then think of coherent things to say on the blog while under the influence of painkillers. Just sayin’.

The good news about having health issues? It gives me a lot of time to read. The bad news? My current book – Insurrection by Robyn Young – while very well written, is very slow in the story department. And I have issues reading multiple books. I get confused very easily, so I tend to keep it to 2 books max at a time.

Ah well, hopefully I can get through it soon and then move on to other more exciting books!

Keep reading, keep writing.
And just keep swimming!

Camp NaNo Update – Day 14

So last night I met and broke another milestone.

20,000 words!

Only 5,000 more until I get to treat myself again. I don’t know what the next little indulgence will be… probably more books. In case you didn’t hear, I am a bit of a book lover.

The story is coming along quite nicely. The characters are playing merrily in the world I have created for them, and I seem to have adopted the bare bones narrative that I have been reading so much of lately. It works well for me because it lets me get to writing what I want instead of becoming caught up in describing the outfits and their hair in minute detail.

In the grand scheme of NaNo, it isn’t a fantastic habit to be in, because it means I am “cheating” myself out of words. But they are words I can add in later if I am so inclined. (Read: desperate for words)

I am still meeting and exceeding par every day, and I plan on day 16 (or so) to show you a comparison of my charts from last year November and this round. It is quite the difference.

I love writing!

Quick NaNo Update

I am still going strong.

So strong, in fact, that tonight I hit another milestone!

10,000 words!

This time around is so much better. I think I  was meant to lose my first two NaNo’s, because it made me want it SO much more. My story is coming together, I love the plot. And the BUNNIES! There are so many plot bunnies that I am going to have so much story left over after 50,000 words.

I can see myself editing this. Who knows… it might be on a bookshelf near you in years to come! (Oh gosh, wouldn’t that be EPICLY AWESOME?! I know… totally getting ahead of myself. But dreams are how realities are made.)