A Wild Erin Appears!

Alternate Title: I am really sorry I disappeared for so long, but I was really sick. Also, I promise to catch up on promised reviews. And lastly, Happy Holidays to anyone who was kind enough to stick around, even though I didn’t post anything new for a long time.


So the last few months have been really bad, health wise. It sounds like an excuse, and I suppose in some ways it is. But in terms of spoons, I was running on 1-2 a day, which doesn’t leave much for anything besides breathing and existing. I am still unwell, of course, but things are looking up (hopefully… fingers crossed).

In the last few months I have spent a lot of time on medicine that makes me not want to do things, medicine that wrecks my body one component at a time, and medicine that just doesn’t work. I have been to more doctors appointments than I am capable of remembering, and I have had the unwavering support of my husband to see me through. I got a medic alert bracelet. I napped… a lot. I have done things that it would take a great amount of money for me to detail here. But most importantly, I read.

There were days when I was too sick to read, when all I could manage was the bare necessities. But for the most part, I have devoured book after book, because it helped me escape the otherwise inescapable… my health situation.

I am currently at 125 books read for the year, and there is still over a week left. I am pretty proud of that. I am toying with the idea of making my blog a self-hosted in the new year. I am wanting to invest in a tablet to further help combat blogger fatigue.

All in all, even though I disappeared for a while, things are starting to look up. I can’t promise I am back, but I can promise that I am trying to be.

I miss my followers. I miss talking to you. I miss posting reviews instead of just stars on Goodreads. So, I am trying.

Currently Reading: The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien (finally)


Top Ten Tuesday – August 20


It’s that time again! Top Ten Tuesday!
(Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by the awesome folks over at The Broke and the Bookish. You should totally check them out!)

This week’s top ten? Top ten things that make my life as a blogger easier.

This should be fairy easy. I hope.

  • WordPress. My blogging platform of choice (obviously)
  • Tumblr. My secondary blogging platform which I love for reasons other than WordPress. Tumblr lets me interact with my followers a little more, and I can post more frequently without feeling spammy. My tumblr can be found here.
  • Goodreads. Since I blog about books, Goodreads is essential for me to find the book cover and the book blurb. I am really bad at writing my own synopsis. Add me on Goodreads.
  • NetGalley. This is an amazing tool for getting review copies of books, and for interacting with authors and publishers.
  • The library. This is where I get most of my books that aren’t ARCs.
  • My e-reader. Because of my health issues, sometimes the e-reader is much easier to hold than a physical book, and I can make notes in it without defacing the book, which is a bonus.
  • My laptop. Again, because of my health issues, I can’t always sit at my desktop. So my laptop is a godsend.
  • Other bloggers. I love reading other blogs on all platforms! And it helps fight blogger fatigue.
  • My followers. Knowing I have people who enjoy reading what I write, even if there is just one of you, makes me want to write more.
  • Scheduling/Queueing posts. This is probably my holy grail of blogging, because it means I can write a lot when I am feeling productive, and skip days when I am feeling blah.

So, what are your essential tools for blogging? Comment, or link me to your TTT!

An update!

So, this past week has been a really big week for me. I finished up some time commitments, and I am really happy to be done with them (though a little scared to see what will happen without them in my life). I chopped off all my hair. I had an MRI (more about that in a bit) and I signed up for two Very Exciting Things.

Very Exciting Thing #1 is an art class. I usually do digital art, and I decided an online art class would be fun and a good way to help broaden my horizons. It is seven weeks if I remember correctly, and I get a certificate at the end and everything. I am really excited.

Very Exciting Thing #2 is a writing class. It isn’t just any writing class. It is the 2013 Summer Writing Class with Brandon Sanderson. Linky: http://www.writeaboutdragons.com/2013-summer-class/ If you are interested in writing, especially fantasy, I encourage you to check this out. It is free. It is Brandon Sanderson. It will be epic!

On Friday, I had an MRI for some long-standing health issues. The test was fine, and I now play the waiting game for a few weeks until results come in. But I found it so interesting as I was being shifted in and out of the machine. I now have another life experience to write about. I can write about having all sorts of medical tests done, because that is my life a lot of the time. And now I can add MRI to that list. I know how my body reacts to having an IV in. I know what the bruise looks like and feels like. I know how I felt in the MRI machine (which was very relaxed).

It just really struck me how much life experience plays a part in the whole writing experience. You write what you know, or you write what you think you know. A week ago, me writing about an MRI would have looked a little different from me writing about it now. I wouldn’t have been entirely wrong a week ago, and I could have watched videos and researched, but there is something about experiencing a thing that gives you so much more insight into it.

So, keep experiencing new things.

Edit: I forgot to add this in here. My birthday is next week.

A Personal Update

Hello to my lovely followers!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week! The sun is finally shining here, and we are on the plus side of the thermometer. We are even above 20 degrees! Woohoo! (That is in Celsius, which translates to roughly 70 degrees Fahrenheit for all you lovely Americans). However, our air conditioner is kind of dead, so our apartment is hotter than heck, and it is very uncomfortable.

I wanted to post today to let you guys know that I have a few more things queued, but that two things are going on. One is that I have reviewed almost all of the books I have read. So, with that going on, I won’t have as many reviews to post. I know the blog has had daily posts for the last two weeks, but that will likely change. I am reading as much as I can, but I have to do things like work and sleep… so I don’t get as much time to read as I wish I did. But I have added some weekly features to keep things interesting around here.

The other thing going on is that my health is not good right now. If you have read my About Me page, you will know that I suffer from Fibromyalgia and Ulcerative Colitis. And if you haven’t read my About Me page, you now know that I suffer from the aforementioned illnesses. Well, the Colitis has been really giving me a run for my money for the last week or so, and it is exhausting. I have barely been able to move, save for the bare necessities. I have no energy for much aside from staring blankly at the TV, and occasionally reading a few pages. And horizontal life pauses (aka naps).

So, what does this mean? I don’t really know. It means that I am going to the doctor today to see what is going on and if they can help. It means that I am slowing down with reading and with producing new content. And it means if things don’t get better soon, the blog may not see many new posts from me for a while. For that, I apologize… but my health needs to be top priority. After all, if I don’t have my health, what do I have?

So on that note… what kinds of things do you guys do when you are sick? Do you read certain books? Or do you enjoy other activities?

Guess What I Did?

So I thought I should post a little snippet just to let my lovely followers know what is going on.

This week I was able to get almost completely caught up on reviews. Hooray! This makes me SO incredibly happy, you have no idea.

But, the even bigger news is that at the end of March, I bought Scrivener. This week I used it for the first time, and I started writing again. I am reworking an old NaNo idea to see if I still like it. Maybe I will post some excerpts soon.

What have you been up to with regards to reading and writing?

A quick note

I have four more reviews to write and schedule. I have been reading so much that I haven’t had time to write much in the way of original blog content. I need to remedy that.

Lately I have been having almost an existential crisis with the blog. I want to do a serial, but I don’t want to do that while I rely on WordPress’s hosting. I can’t really afford to move to paid hosting, not to mention that I am not entirely sure what I would call the blog if I did. I want to get more readership, and Written Permission seems to be a bad choice for a URL (too common). So I had thought of switching to something else, but I don’t really know what.

A friend of mine who works for a publisher had mentioned that I need a review policy, and holy moley is she right. I do need a review policy. But I feel like I need to solve these other problems first, before I can commit to being in with the big fish. I want to get books for review, I really really do, and I even have a draft page of a review policy done, but I want to commit to a solid blog, get some more readers, do some more promotion, and see where it all winds up.

So, more reviews later this week sometime. And until then, I will be in a corner, trying to sort all of this out.