30 Day Book Challenge, Day 9

Finished Blackout by Mira Grant last night, and then started Redshirts by John Scalzi. Highly recommend Redshirts if you are in any way a Star Trek fan, as it kind of reads like a cheesy parody. It is hilarous.

Day Nine: A Book That Makes You Sick?

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30 Day Book Challenge, Day 7

You thought I was going to forget again, didn’t you?

You can admit it, it’s ok. I am posting later than usual. Blackout (by Mira Grant) got very good, and took up a good chunk of my day. The other half of my day was taken up by playing WoW. It was a really great relaxing day.

Day Seven: A Book That You Can Quote/Recite?

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30 Day Book Challenge, Day 5

Nothing really interesting to write about today. Except that I need to figure out how to balance library books with books I own. I have a ton I want to read before the end of the year, but I have a few I really want to read from the library. I was trying to figure out some sort of reward system, but I really can’t put my finger on how to make it work. Suggestions welcome!

Day Five: A Book You Wish You Could Live In?

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30 Day Book Challenge, Day 4

Alternative Title: I am a derp, and I missed a day.

Yesterday was very busy for me. Hubby had a  show at lunch time, and with sound check and everything, it meant being out the door pretty early. And then I had appointments in the afternoon. Including one with my pillow and a blankie. Yes. I do mean a nap.

Then our kitty visitor was back on our balcony. We have no idea where this cat came from, but it is teensy and SO adorable. Plot twist: I am highly allergic. So when I went outside and pet the kitty only to have it jump into my lap… well, many sneezes resulted.

Long-winded excuse is long-winded.
TL,DR: I’m sorry I missed a day, and I am sure it will happen again 🙂

Day Four: A Book That Makes You Cry?

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30 Day Book Challenge, Day 3

An update from yesterday. My efforts were valiant, but with getting new glasses my poor eyes just couldn’t handle reading the book that absolutely had to go back today. I am on page 245 of 385. What is a girl to do? Eat some late fees, of course. There is no way I am taking this book back now, things just got WAY too good!

Day Three: A Book That Makes You Laugh Out Loud?

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