Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Things I Need In My Life


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by the fine folks over at The Broke and the Bookish. They totally rock, so check them out!

This week’s topic? Top ten bookish things I need to own right the heck now! (Once again, I have taken some liberties with the topic to suit my mood, which is a little goofy…)

This is a custom book thumbprint made from your own thumbprint and titles of books you love. HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT?
You can purchase it from Etsy >>HERE<

This is a book shaped light. It is rechargeable, portable, uses LED lights and FSC certified wood.
Made by Lumio, and can be purchased >>HERE<<

Every book lover needs a bag to haul their books. And what better bag than one that proclaims your love for reading?
This particular tote can be found >>HERE<<

OK, this isn’t something I can just go out and buy like a bag or a bookmark. But it is still something I covet. I need a home library. Right now, I don’t have enough space to have one in my apartment, but when my husband and I buy a house, it is high on my list of priorities. Included with said library will be a reading nook, and hopefully a hidden bookcase door.
See more amazing home library pictures here, here, here, and here.

OK, let’s be honest here. As one book lover to another. You are always lending your books out, right? Me too. This is why I would love some personalized bookplates to put in my favourites so I know I will get them back!
These particular ones are cute and modern, and are sold from Etsy >>HERE<<

All you have to do is search for “book necklace” on Etsy and you get a plethora of adorable options. However this one speaks to me, because I am always reading and drinking tea.
You can purchase it >>HERE<<

For bookworms and Harry Potter fans alike, you can’t go wrong with this t-shirt. I needs it, precious!
You can buy it >>HERE<<

I don’t really know anyone who doesn’t covet a book clutch. You can make them yourself if you are crafty, or you can buy them from a plethora of places.
This one is made from The Wizard of Oz and can be purchased >>HERE<<

A book journal is like, the perfect marriage of all the things I need and adore. I love Moleskine books, and this happens to be made by them. Drooling already. Then there is the fact that I can be very scatterbrained and having something to write my points down immediately following a reading so I can make a more in-depth review later? DEAL!
Moleskine sells this amazing invention >>HERE<<

OK, I can HEAR you trying to figure out what this last picture is supposed to be. As you may or may not know, I collect perfume oils in addition to books. There are quite a few that even smell bookish! I have tried some of them, but I don’t have large bottles of them. So here are links to some of the ones I know of… (this is just a small sampling, if you want to know more options, please leave a comment)
BPAL – Dee
BPAL – The Book
BPAL – Miskatonic University
Delightful Rot – Harry Potter set
Delightful Rot – Game of Thrones set
Conjure Oils – October Daye collection
Violette Market – Library of Alexandria

So, dear followers… what kind of bookish things do you need in your life? Are there things on my list that you have wanted? Things you never thought of? Link me up to your TTT!


16 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Things I Need In My Life

    • Thanks for visiting! Yeah, the cost is really steep. I just noticed the price on the tote bag, and I know you can get cheaper ones or even make one yourself. But the cost is a big part of why these are wishes and not things I own 😦

    • Thanks for visiting! I really want to try my hand at making a book clutch. I think I can manage it if I take my time and do it over the course of a few weeks. And the thumbprint is so awesome!
      Stay bookish!

  1. I am drooling over everything on your list. That book thumbprint is freaking awesome. I’ve wanted one of those book clutches for years. I need to just make one already. I also seriously need to invest in a book journal. Great list!

    • Thanks for visiting! I totally need to sit down and make one too. And I am dropping major hints to my family that a book journal would be an EXCELLENT birthday gift (mine is in June).
      Stay bookish!

  2. I’ve never seen something like that book thumbprint before. That’s quite amazing. I’ve seen variations of that “big books” tote–and on a shirt, too. I want a shirt, mostly because I already have more book totes than I can really use.

    • Thanks for visiting! I saw it one day on one of my endless etsy loops (you know, where you just keep searching for things on etsy because you keep finding amazing things!). I envy that you have a book tote collection. I generally end up using our reusable shopping bags, which work… they just aren’t fancy and bookish!

      • People buy them for me, so I can only take credit for a couple. But Barnes & Noble tempted me for one that has a woman with stacks of books around her, and a cat atop one of those stacks–and one with a with a woman walking and reading through a pile of leaves.
        And they’re both sturdy, which is great for walks to the library.

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