tumblr giveaway!

I have been a tumblr presence for under a week, and I have broken 150 followers already. This makes me insanely happy, so I am going to do a giveaway!

This post can be used to comment if you follow me on tumblr as well as here, to qualify for your extra entry.

For info on the giveaway, check out my tumblr post.


4 thoughts on “tumblr giveaway!

  1. Hello! This is Katharine (from bookclubfiction on LJ) under my book review blog. I’m thiefofcamorr on tumblr and Katharine (username SkyPirate) on goodreads. 🙂 Your tumblr is amazing!

  2. Note from written-permission: Hi Fatma, thanks for following! I have taken down your info for the extra entry and screened it so it isn’t public ❤

  3. Thanks for the giveaway,
    I follow here on your blog via email: **REMOVED**
    Tumblr: **REMOVED**
    Goodreads: **REMOVED**

    A note from Written Permission: Thank you for commenting – I have recorded your extra entries and removed your personal information from this comment.

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