15 Day Book Blogger Challenge – Day 8


This awesome challenge is being hosted by April over at Good Books and Good Wine. It seems like a great challenge, so I thought I would check it out! I am going to post one of these every two or three days, interspersed with book reviews. Enjoy, and feel free to join in!

Day 8: Quick! Write 15 bullet points of things that appeal to you on blogs!

  • Updated fairly frequently
  • Clean layout without too much clutter
  • Easy to navigate
  • Pictures of books being reviewed, and links to Goodreads so I can add it to my shelf if it interests me
  • Personable tone… I don’t like being talked down to about anything, least of all books
  • Includes places other than the US when doing a giveaway
  • Isn’t afraid to get personal now and then. I like to know about the bloggers on more than just a literature level
  • Communicates with people who leave comments

That is really all I can think of right now. I am pretty easy to get along with, but I will say that design and clutter are the two big things that tend to drive me away from a lot of book blogs.

How about you? What do you like in a blog, and what is a one way ticket out of there for you?


2 thoughts on “15 Day Book Blogger Challenge – Day 8

    • Either way works for me, personally. If there is at least a picture of the book, it makes it easier to find. A direct link to Goodreads (either with a text, a button, or the book image) makes it that much easier to find. I had been linking to GR for a while, but I stopped when it was bought by Amazon. I am thinking of starting again.

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