Top Ten Tuesday – July 23


It’s that time again! Top Ten Tuesday!
(Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by the awesome folks over at The Broke and the Bookish. You should totally check them out!)

This week’s top ten? The top ten words/topics that will make me run screaming in the other direction from a book.

OK, I totally added some words in there… but I am in a silly mood today. I don’t know if I will come up with ten, but I will sure try. As always, in no particular order.

As an agnostic person, I find a lot of Christian fiction to be far too preachy for my tastes. This isn’t meant as a slam against anyone who is Christian or who enjoys Christian fiction, it is just something I personally don’t enjoy.

This is one that is slowly being abolished, but for the most part, I stay well away from the non-fiction section of the bookstore and library. I like my stories to be made up.

I have nothing against erotica or sex in literature, but I personally don’t find anything really entertaining about straight erotica as a genre.

Anything referencing Stephenie Meyer or Cassandra Clare
In general if the book says “If you loved Twilight, you’ll love this!” or has an author accolade by either of these people… I will likely avoid it like the plague.

Independently or self published books
There are exceptions, but in general I find that when people can just type something up and throw it out into the world, they don’t put as much care into it as someone who has an editor and agent. This makes the whole independent and self-published industry a bit of a minefield. There definitely are gems, though. But I rarely have the patience to sift through the rocks.

A boring or bad cover
I will very much judge a book by its cover… so if the cover sucks, I am more likely to not pick up the book. It can be anything from being boring or not relating to the book… or sexist… or badly drawn. All bad things.

I will pretty much always skip over anything that is straight romance. Just not my thing. Double runner if it is a bodice ripper.

Anything war-related
This kind of ties into non-fiction, but I really don’t like books that are centered around wars. I am talking men-with-guns-in-trenches wars… not robot space wars or the ongoing war between good and evil.

Books out-of-order
I absolutely refuse to read series out-of-order. I have said this a few times now, but it will never ever change. I don’t care how interesting that book sounds… if it is anything but the first/next book in the series, it is going back on the shelf. If it is a screamingly good deal, I might still buy it but I won’t read it until I have read the others.

Books with bad reviews
Not a hard and fast rule, as I really like to make up my own mind about books… but if something has a lot of really bad reviews, especially from people with similar book tastes as me, it will make me wary.

So… what makes you put the book down and walk away slowly? (Or quickly!) Leave a comment or link me up to your TTT!


7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – July 23

  1. I honestly don’t understand the appeal of Cassandra Clare, and probably never will. I am okay with that. But yes, trying to sell a book or author as ‘the next xxx’ is not particularly enticing. And I’m with you on the series out-of-order. I accidentally did it once (I read the last book instead of the 2nd) and I just had to put it down and never bothered finishing the series hah

    Great list!

  2. I feel bad for books with bad covers. I definitely avoid reading them like the plague.
    And I definitely agree with you on Christian books. Sorry, but those are just not the books for me.
    Great list! 😀

    My TTT

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