15 Day Book Blogger Challenge – Day 1

15-Day-ChallengeThis awesome challenge is being hosted by April over at Good Books and Good Wine. It seems like a great challenge, so I thought I would check it out! I am going to post one of these every two or three days, interspersed with book reviews. Enjoy, and feel free to join in!

Day 1: Make 15 book-related confessions.

  1. I judge books by their covers. All the time.
  2. A lot of the time, I want to own books just to own them more than to read them.
  3. Sometimes I re-read books just to see how the characters are doing.
  4. I think I am legitimately addicted to reading. If I was told tomorrow I couldn’t read anymore, I would probably have a mental breakdown.
  5. I absolutely refuse to read books out of order. I am very OCD about this.
  6. My home will not be complete until it has a library in it.
  7. The thought of giving away any of my books, even the ones I don’t particularly love, makes me feel kind of sick.
  8. I know I am in a really bad state of sickness when I am too sick to even read. It happens from time to time, and it is rare, but it is the big red flag that something is super wrong.
  9. My husband is the single most important person in my life, and I love him to the end of the world and back again. I wouldn’t trade him for anything or anyone. But I wish he was more into reading.
  10. I worry about people judging me based on what I am reading.
  11. In some ways (though not all) I am a horrible book snob.
  12. I started reading full length books before I started kindergarten. By the fourth grade, I had a reading comprehension level equivalent to someone in the twelfth grade.
  13. Recommending a book to someone is a high anxiety activity for me. It isn’t so much that I worry they won’t like it… that is their own call. I more worry about what they will think of me based on the book.
  14. It makes me so very sad when people say they don’t enjoy reading. It makes me rage when they make fun of people who do.
  15. I collect perfume oils, and some of my favorites are the ones that smell like old books. That smell is intoxicating.

So there we have it. Now you know a little bit more about me. Do you have any book related confessions to make?


12 thoughts on “15 Day Book Blogger Challenge – Day 1

  1. Wait, what?
    I don’t get this. The list has 15 questions to answer, but you’re only doing 5 days? WP, explain.

    Now, on to my comments; I totally buy books just to have them as well. Why? Stupid, I know? Oh, no wait. Not so much. One of the bigger reasons is because they’re autographed. I have some 1st Edition gems that I just don’t want to read. I feel like if I pick them up or touch them or anything like that, it will just destroy them. But since I’m like 10 states away from home right now and going to work in NY (far away from Seattle) right after school, I don’t know what’s going to happen to my books and I’m kind of losing my mind right now, so thanks for reminding me. Yeah, I’m kind of losing it on that. NEXT COMMENT!

    Okay, you know what? I may just post this one up myself. I figure if I do 5 questions a day (,right?), I would be done with the challenge.

    Is that right?

    How does this thing work?

    • Wait, where did you get that I am only doing five days?? I plan on doing the whole thing! I am going to post it every two or three days, though. Instead of doing one every single day. So while I will do all 15 days I am going to do it slower than most. I think the host is currently on day 10, but whatever. I can do it at my own pace.

      When we get a house, I am kind of not envying the people we get to help us move. So many books. Hubs wants me to start packing them now, but we don’t have small enough boxes. You could look at storing your books? You can get special boxes for the first editions and anything really special, and the rest can go into regular cardboard.

  2. I’ve been nodding vigorously through your entire post, but #15 just had me gaping. That is so cool.
    I squeak in bookstores when I find a book that I’ve been looking for for ages. A friend pointed it out to me – I didn’t even know I did that. I need to use bookmarks that match the colour of the book I’m reading and I dream of the day when I can have this.

    • Some of my favorites relating to #15 are from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. They have two different ones that are amazing in this category – Dee and Miskatonic University. I totally do the squeak thing too, though for me it is more at the used book sale. But I can’t relate on the bookmarks. I dog-ear my books, or I use random scraps of paper.

      That bookshelf-hidden-door is AMAZING. Must have.

      • Neil Gaiman, Last Unicorn, Alice in Wonderland, some classic fairy tales, and Shakespeare inspired collections. As well as tons of others! Really, their perfume oils are top notch, even if you are scent-sensitive. The forums (bpal.org) has a review section where people post their opinions of different oils they’ve tried. I seriously can’t pimp BPAL enough… and there are more companies out there too!

  3. This is a cool challenge, I like the questions. What you said about people judging you on what you’re reading made me laugh because I do that all the time! I’m always getting distracted by what other people are reading and trying to have a nosy at the cover (I judge by covers as well). But at the same time I really hope people judge me by what I’m reading (probably because i’m such a book snob that I think people will only think good things abotu my choices 😉 ).

    I had a really great moment the other day when I was reading Fantastic Mister Fox on the tube and a little girl opposite me started telling her dad how that’s her favourite Roald Dahl book. We just looked at each other and smiled to acknowledge how cool we both are!!

    • Thanks for the comment! I, too, judge people by what they are reading… though I try really hard not to and to just be happy that people are reading and enjoying it. But something about people saying 50 Shades of Grey is the best literary masterpiece ever… it irks me.

      That is a really sweet story about Fantastic Mister Fox! I don’t think I have ever had a connection with someone on public transport over my book selection. Though I have had guys ask me what I was reading in an obvious attempt to pick me up, and when I tell them I am reading something other than chick-lit or YA they get thrown off.

      Oh! I have had a few connections with people over The Painted Girls by Cathy Marie Buchanan. Once was in my doctor’s office, she came in and asked what I was reading. She had actually seen the artwork the book is based on and was really fascinated that there was a book about it. The other was when I was in the opera and I saw it sitting on the costumer’s table. One of the professional dressers was reading it and we got into a big long discussion about historical fiction novels in general. Thank you for reminding me about that, it made me smile.

      • Haha yep that was one I was thinking of when I wrote that! But I love it when I see people reading something I llike, I’ve always stopped short of telling them that though because it might be taken as weird (especially in London where talking to people on public transport is frowned on).

        I don’t think anyone’s ever tried that on me but again it could be to do with the no talking rule we have…

        Those are some great stories! I’ve never heard of the book but if it’s such a talking point maybe I should look into it!

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