An update!

So, this past week has been a really big week for me. I finished up some time commitments, and I am really happy to be done with them (though a little scared to see what will happen without them in my life). I chopped off all my hair. I had an MRI (more about that in a bit) and I signed up for two Very Exciting Things.

Very Exciting Thing #1 is an art class. I usually do digital art, and I decided an online art class would be fun and a good way to help broaden my horizons. It is seven weeks if I remember correctly, and I get a certificate at the end and everything. I am really excited.

Very Exciting Thing #2 is a writing class. It isn’t just any writing class. It is the 2013 Summer Writing Class with Brandon Sanderson. Linky: If you are interested in writing, especially fantasy, I encourage you to check this out. It is free. It is Brandon Sanderson. It will be epic!

On Friday, I had an MRI for some long-standing health issues. The test was fine, and I now play the waiting game for a few weeks until results come in. But I found it so interesting as I was being shifted in and out of the machine. I now have another life experience to write about. I can write about having all sorts of medical tests done, because that is my life a lot of the time. And now I can add MRI to that list. I know how my body reacts to having an IV in. I know what the bruise looks like and feels like. I know how I felt in the MRI machine (which was very relaxed).

It just really struck me how much life experience plays a part in the whole writing experience. You write what you know, or you write what you think you know. A week ago, me writing about an MRI would have looked a little different from me writing about it now. I wouldn’t have been entirely wrong a week ago, and I could have watched videos and researched, but there is something about experiencing a thing that gives you so much more insight into it.

So, keep experiencing new things.

Edit: I forgot to add this in here. My birthday is next week.


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