Top Ten Tuesday: May 21


It’s that time again! Top Ten Tuesday!
(Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by the awesome folks over at The Broke and the Bookish. You should totally check them out!)

This week’s top ten is ten favorite covers of books I’ve read.

As always, in no particular order:

Incarnate The Night Circus Tea Rose Cinder The Thirteenth Tale Santa Olivia The Painted GirlsAnna RebeccaFionavar

I am not entirely sure what these favorites say about me.

With Incarnate, The Tea Rose, Santa Olivia, The Painted Girls, and Anna Dressed in Blood… I felt myself drawn to the women. Who are they? What is their story?
Incarnate and The Fionavar Tapestry both have visually striking covers in their color and detail.
The Thirteenth Tale… I love books, so who could resist a cover with a stack of books on it??
Rebecca and The Night Circus I just found drew me into the story before I read a word. What was behind those gates or in that tent?
And Cinder… the promise of a retelling with a twist is there. I also got a little hint of The Wizard of Oz because of the shoe being red.

So, what are your favorite book covers? You didn’t have to like the book itself, mind you, but what draws you in about a cover?


16 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: May 21

  1. I love the cover of The Tea Rose, I haven’t see that book before. Santa Olivia is one of my favourite covers too, though it didn’t make my list (10 just isn’t long enough!), and I loved The Painted Girls – I have that edition too. It’s a great cover, as is Cinder.

    My TTT.

  2. I’ve been seeing Cinder and The Night Circus a lot and with good reason! They’re gorgeous. Love the cover for Anna Dressed In Blood too.

    • I was the same way. My mom bought it for me eons ago for Christmas, and I was very “meh” about the description. And then my book club read it. It is now, hands down, one of my favorite books. I can’t believe I didn’t read it sooner! It is an awesome gothic mystery.

  3. The Night Circus‘s cover is an interesting one, and it’s a cover that makes me want to read the book — it’s not too over the top, but not exactly simple or minimalist. I’ll have to read it sometime! I recently read Anna Dressed in Blood, though — I like the cover on that as well. (:

    • Thank you for the return visit! Thirteenth Tale may be my favorite on this list, because it is books. And not just books, it is books that obviously have character. Cinder has been on so many lists, it is so well done.

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