A Fantastic Book, and a Dilemma

So I debated about posting this, because as most people know by now, I have a very deep and personal dislike for Amazon. But, I love this book and author…

So what do I do?

The book and author won.

The Wool Omnibus (which I just reviewed a few days ago) and the Shift Omnibus (the sequel to the Wool Omnibus) by Hugh Howey are on sale today at Amazon for $1.99 each. Now, the books are totally worth their normal selling price, but that is a steal of a deal. Without, you know, actually stealing the books (which is BAD and WRONG!)

The best part about this sale? (And really, the turning point for me mentioning it on my blog at all instead of being all BOO HISS AMAZON)
These are DRM-Free, meaning you can buy them from Amazon and convert them into whatever format you choose. LEGALLY.

Bless you, Mr. Howey and Mr. Howey’s Publisher. This is the best thing ever.

*covets her newly purchased, legally converted copy of Shift Omnibus*

Go forth and enjoy one of the best dystopian series ever!


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