A Personal Update

Hello to my lovely followers!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week! The sun is finally shining here, and we are on the plus side of the thermometer. We are even above 20 degrees! Woohoo! (That is in Celsius, which translates to roughly 70 degrees Fahrenheit for all you lovely Americans). However, our air conditioner is kind of dead, so our apartment is hotter than heck, and it is very uncomfortable.

I wanted to post today to let you guys know that I have a few more things queued, but that two things are going on. One is that I have reviewed almost all of the books I have read. So, with that going on, I won’t have as many reviews to post. I know the blog has had daily posts for the last two weeks, but that will likely change. I am reading as much as I can, but I have to do things like work and sleep… so I don’t get as much time to read as I wish I did. But I have added some weekly features to keep things interesting around here.

The other thing going on is that my health is not good right now. If you have read my About Me page, you will know that I suffer from Fibromyalgia and Ulcerative Colitis. And if you haven’t read my About Me page, you now know that I suffer from the aforementioned illnesses. Well, the Colitis has been really giving me a run for my money for the last week or so, and it is exhausting. I have barely been able to move, save for the bare necessities. I have no energy for much aside from staring blankly at the TV, and occasionally reading a few pages. And horizontal life pauses (aka naps).

So, what does this mean? I don’t really know. It means that I am going to the doctor today to see what is going on and if they can help. It means that I am slowing down with reading and with producing new content. And it means if things don’t get better soon, the blog may not see many new posts from me for a while. For that, I apologize… but my health needs to be top priority. After all, if I don’t have my health, what do I have?

So on that note… what kinds of things do you guys do when you are sick? Do you read certain books? Or do you enjoy other activities?


6 thoughts on “A Personal Update

  1. WP – take care of yourself, friend. Yes, health first – always. When I’m feeling under the weather I just do anything that makes me feel better. That could be walks outside, reading, writing, relaxing, hanging out with family, pets, and lots of (good, healthy) liquids – basically water. Stay healthy. Talk soon.

    • Thanks, LP. I have definitely been taking advantage of dog cuddles. And I have been drinking lots of water, juice, and Powerade (Powerade for added nutrients). Naps take top spot for me, followed by kids movies and reading. I generally don’t hang out with people besides my husband when I am sick, nor do I venture outside. I kind of wish I could, though.

      Thanks for the well wishes.

  2. Hey hun, I’m really sorry to hear about your health and fingers crossed for a recover, or some good news of some sort. Please look after yourself and don’t overwork yourself especially when it comes to blogging, I’m sure everyone here will understand!

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