What is the Plural of Hiatus?

I was going to title this something along the lines of “And the Hiatuses Continue”. But then I realized that I didn’t actually know what the plural of “hiatus” is. Is it hiatuses? Fun fact: Google says yes!

So now that I have gotten the fun stuff out of the way, I need to move on to the not-so-fun stuff. My laptop is slowly dying. It is giving off what I call “the sound of death”. Something inside has come loose, and is rattling around. It won’t be long for this world, I don’t think. Thankfully, I got the extended warranty, so they will either fix it or give me a new one. The bad news is that while I wait for one of those things to happen, I will be with limited access to a computer, so the blog will be quiet. Well, quieter than it has been.

The other bad news is that my grandma is sick. We are cautiously optimistic about her recovery, but right now she is still in the hospital with pneumonia (and a host of other things). Any positive energy you can spare my way for her recovery would be greatly appreciated.

I will try to get some reviews queued, but I can make no promises as to how long my laptop might last, or how other things might pan out. So please be patient with me. This also applies if you have petitioned me for a review. I am doing my best, and I will be back full force as soon as I can be. I promise.

Keep on keeping on. Read and write with passion.


5 thoughts on “What is the Plural of Hiatus?

  1. WP – peaceful energy to grandma sent. Thanks for the note on hiatuses. I can empathize with regard to the passing life of the laptop. Mine is a Mac and I got it in ’07 and it’s pulling me through the thick swamps of grad school. I can’t say enough about my experience with the Mac product. Take your time. We know you’ll get back when you can.

    • Thank you for your well wishes! I am trying to convince my boss that I need a Mac for work purposes, mostly because I can get some really cool programs for it for writing (Scapple!). So far, no luck. This laptop lasted just over a year. Why does technology not last anymore?

  2. Dude, the writing program you must have is Scrivener. Something to look up on Google. It’s usually $40US, but as far as I know they take half off for all NaNoWriMo winners, so something to shoot for. There are all kinds of YouTube tutorials out there. This program is absolutely beastly when it comes to writing. Highly suggested.

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