Simplifying My Reviews

So, I am still trying to figure out what the really important information is in book reviews. Some people include ISBN and publisher, some people don’t. Some people include source, page number, etc. Some people don’t.

I have changed my review structure once already, and I think I will be changing it again for my next review. Streamlining it, if you will.

After all, what is the really important information on a book review? To me, I want to know what the book looks like (cover), the title, the author, and how long it took to read the book. In addition to that, there is the actual review and the summary. I choose to use Goodreads summaries, because I am kind of bad at summarizing books without spoiling them.

So, for all future reviews, I will not be including the ISBN, publisher, or detailed format information. I will still note if it is a personal or book club read, and I will tag it with the appropriate genre.

Any thoughts?


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