Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my followers, lurkers, and so on and so forth! It may be New Years Eve where you are, and it may be New Years Day… either way I wanted to share a Happy New Year before I forgot.

Do you have any resolutions this year?

Aside from my health/general life ones, I have a few literature specific ones I thought I would share. Some of these are more goals rather than resolutions, per se, but they are still kind of fun.

In no particular order, my reading and writing goals for 2013:
– Finish a manuscript.
– For every (1, 3, or 5, can’t decide) library books I read, read one book I already own.
– Finish the Wheel of Time series.
– Finish the Outlander series. (As much as I can, they haven’t all been published yet)
– Read every book I still need to read for a solicited review. This one I want to complete by the end of February.
– Review a higher number of the books I read.
– Write better, more thought-provoking reviews.
– Read a minimum of 40 books. I read 73 this year, so that should be easy. I don’t want to start with too high of a goal, because I plan to read a lot of longer books, and I don’t want to be too anxious about meeting my goal.

Phew. That is quite a bit, added onto my life goals. But I think it is all attainable.

Stay classy and have fun!


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