Final NaNo Tally… I am a Winner!!

Well, NaNo this month was hard. November is a hard month for me. Lots going on both inside my head and outside of it. So I found myself really having to force the writing.

But, that said. 52,449 is my final tally for this month! I will be honest, not all 50,000 words is on the project I started with. I was a bit of a rebel, and I finished off doing some character building and some world building for projects I had started previously but lost direction on.

The number one thing I learned about myself this year is that I need to plan before I write, otherwise I get lost, and the story gets convoluted into something that I no longer control. So I will be using the winner’s code to buy Scrivener to help with that planning thing.

And now, onward to Christmas! And more reading, and reviewing!

How did your NaNo endeavours turn out?


3 thoughts on “Final NaNo Tally… I am a Winner!!

  1. Congratulations on winning! Unlike you, I can never write with a plan. I feel it hinders my writing process. I wasn’t able to get far in this year’s NaNo because of work and constant laptop failures. But oh well. There’s always next year!

    • I think for me the big thing is recognizing that the plan is not set in stone. I could get a fantastic idea halfway through that would change everything… and I would allow myself to explore it at the very least. Bummer about the laptop failures. I hear tales of people doing NaNo by hand… and I am completely baffled. I can’t imagine writing that much in such a short period by hand.

      I think just trying it makes you a winner, personally. Writing is good 🙂

      Thanks for the comment!

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