The YA Appreciation Post

So, you may have noticed a new addition to my sidebar. It is about winning some YA books. Beth Revis, author of Across the Universe is running a contest right now where if you post the graphic provided and sing the song of YA adoration, you can win a pack of autographed YA books. It is a pretty sweet deal!

I love the YA genre. I think it is important for young adults to have something enjoyable and relatable to read, so they can continue with their love of reading. If there was no YA genre, we probably wouldn’t have as many people today who enjoy reading as much as they do. It is a powerful gateway genre regardless of age. How many people really started to love reading after they were exposed to books like Harry Potter?

Not only does the genre as a whole help foster the love of reading in a tricky age group, but it has the opportunity to send some really powerful messages. Young adults are subjected to so many pressures these days that authors have the chance to alleviate some of them. To tell the young girls that it is OK to not be model-perfect, or to tell the young boys that it is OK if they like other boys. And these are just two examples of a wide range… the authors of the genre have a chance to give hope, inspire change, and make a difference.

And then there are the older people who love the YA genre. Whether it helps them relive their glory days, relate to some hidden pain of their youth… whatever it might be that draws the older crowd into YA, I am thankful for it. I am thankful for anything that gets people reading.

My brain isn’t doing so well with the words-putting-into-sentence-doing right now. NaNo does that to me. But I think I got the point across.

For more information on this fantastic contest, you can click the link below.


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