Another NaNoWriMo Check-in

So, another week has gone by, and my word count has climbed slowly but steadily. 28,485 words so far.

I have learned a lot about myself as an author this time around, and I know I need to start doing some planning before I write again. The story for NaNo is running away without me, and I am not impressed with it.

I am reaching critical mass for fatigue, and I have been tempted to give up on NaNo a lot… I think it is through pure stubbornness that I am still going. Last night the almost-unthinkable happened. I almost wound up being short on words. I was so disappointed in myself, but when I was sitting here, falling asleep, trying to write… I didn’t have much choice. I decided to finish out the scene before going to bed, and when I did I was ahead on words. So it all worked out.

And now I need to get my words done for the night before I get to the point of falling asleep at my computer again.


3 thoughts on “Another NaNoWriMo Check-in

  1. WP – NO MERCY!
    You got this. You will not let this beat you. If you need to, stand up, start dancing. Laugh in its face. You will succeed. Tell yourself these words, “I will succeed. I will beat you.”
    Set a timer for 30 minutes. Go to Pandora, throw some tunes in (without lyrics preferably) and GO! Do not go back, do not edit, do not correct. Look away from the screen if you have to. Just know that your time is going and you have to put words on paper. Don’t worry about the red underlines in teh words. Dont’ look. Just …see? I’m already doing it in this poist.

    You got this! Do not doubt yourself, WP! YOu got this. Take it down. No mercy. None. Zero.

    “Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.” – Shakespeare

    • Hehe, I am pretty ruthless when I write. I just… write. It is like, I could have given up in the middle last night but I wanted to finish out the scene. I haven’t gone back and re-read everything… and I am kind of afraid to. It is more, I will get to a point where something needs to happen, and I will pause for a moment to think about what is happening, and what happens next. I will think of something that somewhat fits, and I will work with it, even though I know if I had more time or if I had written something slightly different earlier on I could have something better happen next.

      I think some of the aspects of my story are great (the main characters’ personalities, for one). But the rest of it is drivel that needs some serious revamping. However, November is for getting the story out. I bet that when I revise (and revise, and revise) I will have a very different story than I started with.

      Thanks for the comment — how is your NaNo coming???

      • The truth, my friend, is that this year’s NaNo was a PR for me. I actually finished the novel yesterday and have to stop there just because school has me involved in completing the semester (you know – papers, presentations, all that jazz). Other than that, it has been fan-freakin’-tastic. I’m considering getting a NaNo hoodie.

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