NaNoWriMo and What To Read

NaNo is still going well. I am still staying on pace, though I have to say last night I very much didn’t want to. I wanted a break. But I knew as soon as I let myself slack off, I wouldn’t get back on track. And as I have sort of already bought my reward for finishing, I have to be extra sure I finish.

I have an interesting phenomenon occurring while I write. I am imagining ways to edit my story so that it would be better for reading. Not the minutiae of “Oh, that word doesn’t work” but more the broad sense of “I wonder if it would be more effective if I opened with this scene”. And I am not entirely sure what to do with these ideas. I don’t want to get bogged down thinking about this stuff right now, when I am trying to just get the story OUT. But I also know myself, my memory (or lack thereof) and I don’t want to lose what could be good ideas. Any advice?

I am way behind for my reading goal for the year. I got bogged down with some long books for book club, and wound up not catching up. I also have some books to read for reviews. So I am at a complete loss as to what to read next. The goal is important to me. But so is being accountable to the people I promised reviews to. I think I might re-read some things to get me back on track for the reading goal, and then go back to reading for review purposes.

You may have noticed that my list on the right has some books that I haven’t reviewed here. I generally will not review sequels on the blog unless I have reviewed all previous books in the series. It is a minor housekeeping/OCD thing of mine. Otherwise, you can find sequel reviews on my Goodreads. The same goes for re-reads. I will likely be re-reading two series I know I can get through really quickly to give myself a cushion while I work on books for review. (Namely, Twilight and Harry Potter.) I don’t think I will be reviewing them at this time, though.

I was very happy the other night when I discovered that Laini Taylor’s new book Days of Blood & Starlight was just released (the sequel to Daughter of Smoke & Bone). I went to the library website and requested it. I am fourteenth in line, which isn’t too bad. Out of curiosity I checked how many copies they are getting in. Thirteen. I wish the blog had emoticons so I could put an unimpressed face here!

Alright, this is 400+ words I could be putting towards NaNo, so I need to get on that. No more leaving it until 11:00 and then rushing to beat the timer for the day to keep my average up!

Happy NaNo-ing!


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