NaNoWriMo 2012 – And We’re Off!

So, I did the whole write-a-little-at-midnight thing, and I have a somewhat respectable 519 words to springboard off of come morning. I am pretty pleased with that.

My novel, working title Scent Memory, is a fantasy about a woman who blends perfume oils, but has a deep dark secret as to how she gets them to smell so scintillating.

November hasn’t been kind to me in the past with NaNoWriMo… something always goes wrong… and I am kind of on tenterhooks to see if it will be a trend. But fingers crossed, knock on wood, and any other superstitious anti-jinxing mumbo-jumbo you can think of… it will all be good.

So, tell me about your novel! Did you write at midnight, or are you waiting?


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