Camp NaNo Update – Day 14

So last night I met and broke another milestone.

20,000 words!

Only 5,000 more until I get to treat myself again. I don’t know what the next little indulgence will be… probably more books. In case you didn’t hear, I am a bit of a book lover.

The story is coming along quite nicely. The characters are playing merrily in the world I have created for them, and I seem to have adopted the bare bones narrative that I have been reading so much of lately. It works well for me because it lets me get to writing what I want instead of becoming caught up in describing the outfits and their hair in minute detail.

In the grand scheme of NaNo, it isn’t a fantastic habit to be in, because it means I am “cheating” myself out of words. But they are words I can add in later if I am so inclined. (Read: desperate for words)

I am still meeting and exceeding par every day, and I plan on day 16 (or so) to show you a comparison of my charts from last year November and this round. It is quite the difference.

I love writing!


One thought on “Camp NaNo Update – Day 14

  1. WP –
    You, my friend, are doing so well. You are a writing maniac! Good for you! I’m happy to follow your progress along your NaNo curve and look forward to doing NaNo with you in November. I am also quite curious about the world which you’ve created. I want to know all about it – is it fantasy, epic fantasy, dark fantasy? Is it sci-fi, digital?? You know all of these lovely ideas I have in my head. Ah the curiosity gets to me.
    I can tell you’re a book lover (a true bibliophile) since we’ve quasi-known each other….and from the book count you have on Goodreads. My gosh! I know, I know, most of them are TO-READ, but still. I was happy to barely pass 100.
    I am finally done with this semester (summer) of school so I can actually get back to my CURRENTLY-READING book. YES! More later.

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