Quick Thoughts, Aug 10

So, I didn’t want to do a full “Currently Reading” on these two books because I don’t feel like I am far enough into them yet. So I thought I would try something new… “Quick Thoughts”.

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

  • The foreshadowing is fairly heavy-handed here. Is it a diversion tactic, or is the book really transparent? Only time will tell.
  • Very light on descriptive prose.
  • All in all, enjoying this one and want to read more, but am stuck at the Book Club stopping point.

Insurrection by Robyn Young

  • I thought this might have some Outlander type properties to it. So far, nothing. Not a single mention of a kilt. Which, if I had done my research or known my history, I would know that kilts weren’t the traditional dress of Scotland until the 16th century.
  • Very heavy prose. Political, historical… not much action yet.
  • Kind of forcing my way through this one for now. After all the light (prose wise) reading I have been doing lately, this one is bogging me down. It is exceptionally well written, but not what my brain wants right now.

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