Camp NaNo – Day Two

Alternate Title: Hooray I am still on track!

I got off to a bit of a bumpy start with Camp NaNo this year. I had intended to be a rebel and work on whichever of 5 plots held my interest the most on any given day. The trouble was, after writing about 650 words at midnight on August 1, none of the plots were grabbing me.

So I did what any NaNo rebel would do. I started over.

Now, I didn’t delete anything. I am hoping I can catch up those 650 words sometime with some good scenes and being in the zone. As for now I am still counting them in my word count.

The writing? Is terrible. But I love the premise.

Right now, I will leave you with some stats, and my opening line.

Words so far: 3818
Par for the course: 3225
Restarts: 1
Characters: 10, though only 5 have really been talked about with any detail.

Opening line: These attempts to save the world are getting rather tiresome, don’t you think?


One thought on “Camp NaNo – Day Two

  1. WP –

    OOOohh that’s a great opening line! I like it! Yeah, no worries on the restarts. The objective, in my book, isn’t necessarily to write the book (okay, yeah, overall that IS the objective), but to just write your ass off. I mean, just write and write and write. And even if after all the day’s writing, none of it makes any sense, oh well. That’s just the way it works out. Why? Because writing is re-writing. In the interview between Pathrick Rothfuss and Terry Brooks (good interview, BTW. You can find it on my blog), Rothfuss talks about how how he has to go through between 50 and 300 drafts. It’s just the way it works. The idea is that you turn off your internal editor, slap the fingers on the keyboard, and go. Looks like you’re doing great. Keep at it!

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