30 Day Book Challenge, Day 8

Fibro fog is really bad today, so lets see how this goes. I make no guarantees about the coherence of my thoughts.

Day Eight: A Book That Scares You?

Horror is not a genre I have read a lot of. It is more my dabble genre at this point, though I do love a really good horror movie. I have read some Stephen King, and some of it was scary. But most of it was just weird. Let The Right One In by John Avjide Lindqvist is hands down the creepiest book I have read to date. And I differentiate creepy from scary. I am not entirely sure I could explain it right now, but they aren’t the same to me. But I think the book that scared me the most was…

Red Dragon by Thomas Harris

This whole series made it hard for me to sleep at night, but by virtue of being the first book in the series, Red Dragon gets the mention. I remember reading this one late at night at a hotel in Toronto when I was there for a trip with my parents. I was so freaked out by the end of the passage I was convinced that someone was waiting in the tub to abduct me and murder me. I soon had to limit my reading to daylight hours only. Hannibal is a great character, and if you are a fan of the movies (so many people have seen them) then I highly recommend picking up the books.

Honorable mention goes to And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. The whole book didn’t creep me out, but once I got to a certain point I had to finish reading it or I wasn’t getting any sleep from nightmares.

So what book has you hiding under the covers?


One thought on “30 Day Book Challenge, Day 8

  1. Okay, so I’m stalling and avoiding homework as though it were a rabid monkey that I had to (at some point) catch and return to its cage.
    I really like horror and wish I knew more. But what I know is what I know and that’s where we’re starting. I’ll just say that Stephen King is one of my heroes. The most recent book I read by him was not a horror story, but had everything to do with it. It’s called On Writing, and it’s fabulous.
    Back to the topic, though (because I guess I should get to putting this monkey in a cage), if you haven’t read Misery, it’s something I would certainly recommend. I also enjoyed Needful Things, and Cujo.
    Horror’s a good thing and It can be done really well. He’s the man. Thanks for the post.

    C’mere monkey!

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