30 Day Book Challenge, Day 7

You thought I was going to forget again, didn’t you?

You can admit it, it’s ok. I am posting later than usual. Blackout (by Mira Grant) got very good, and took up a good chunk of my day. The other half of my day was taken up by playing WoW. It was a really great relaxing day.

Day Seven: A Book That You Can Quote/Recite?

These questions are not easy. I had to actually ask my husband if I recite books at all, because I didn’t think I did. He confirmed that no, I don’t. I honestly think part of it is the Fibro. I don’t retain little things like I used to, so I don’t quote books. Or movies. And I pretty much flub my way through songs when I am singing along to the radio. It is quite entertaining. But, as usual, I digress. I did think of one book that I know pretty much inside and out…

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

I blame drama class. And Lit English. In Canadian High School, our Shakespeare study goes: Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo & Juliet, Macbeth, Hamlet. One a year from Grade 9 (S1) until Grade 12 (S4). I was one of the few kids in my English class who understood Shakespeare. I didn’t love it, but I was a sucker for Romeo and Juliet because it was a love story. And what teenage girl doesn’t love a good love story? It is the only book I can think of that I still know a lot of quotes to. Unless you count libretto. And somehow I doubt we are counting libretto. Althouth this is not technically a book either. It is a play. But shhhh. I won’t tell if you won’t.

Do you have any books you can recite? Any books you quote endlessly to the chagrin of those around you?


One thought on “30 Day Book Challenge, Day 7

  1. I’m thinking it’s going to have to be Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Carroll. But then again, that’s not saying much since I only know maybe one or two quotations out of it. Still though, a nice read.

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