30 Day Book Challenge, Day 4

Alternative Title: I am a derp, and I missed a day.

Yesterday was very busy for me. Hubby had a  show at lunch time, and with sound check and everything, it meant being out the door pretty early. And then I had appointments in the afternoon. Including one with my pillow and a blankie. Yes. I do mean a nap.

Then our kitty visitor was back on our balcony. We have no idea where this cat came from, but it is teensy and SO adorable. Plot twist: I am highly allergic. So when I went outside and pet the kitty only to have it jump into my lap… well, many sneezes resulted.

Long-winded excuse is long-winded.
TL,DR: I’m sorry I missed a day, and I am sure it will happen again 🙂

Day Four: A Book That Makes You Cry?

Oh gosh. I am a sucker for many things. Therefore, I once again have a plethora of books to choose from for this day’s question. Harry Potter made me cry. Feed by Mira Grant made me cry. But I think the book that got me right in the heartstrings, to the point of me sitting on the couch absolutely bawling my eyes out was…

Marley & Me by John Grogan

OK, this book has come under a lot of fire. And I can see why. Yes, it is preferable to adopt your dog (especially if what you are after is a larger breed, there are never any shortage of those in shelters) and yes, it can be said that John Grogan and his wife were not the most… enlightened of dog owners. But what first time dog owner ever is? I am not going to preach about the downfalls of this book or its message to society about buying a dog and the care of said dog. I love dogs. I have a dog. Therefore, this book made me sob like a baby at the end. The movie did too. At least when I watched the movie, I got to hold my dog. When I was reading the book, my dog wasn’t with me. He lives with my parents because we can’t have him in our apartment. So I was at home, reading about this loving dog, wanting to love my own dog… and I couldn’t. And I was distraught. So many tears. And my poor husband (boyfriend at the time) couldn’t understand why I was so upset. Sorry, honey!

So, fess up! What book cues the waterworks for you?


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