30 Day Book Challenge, Day 3

An update from yesterday. My efforts were valiant, but with getting new glasses my poor eyes just couldn’t handle reading the book that absolutely had to go back today. I am on page 245 of 385. What is a girl to do? Eat some late fees, of course. There is no way I am taking this book back now, things just got WAY too good!

Day Three: A Book That Makes You Laugh Out Loud?

Oh man. I think a lot of books have made me laugh out loud. A lot of books have their moments. Harry Potter makes me chuckle, Soulless by Gail Carriger (and the entire Parasol Protectorate series) makes me giggle. But I think the sole winner here is…

Discount Armageddon by Seanan McGuire

This whole book is written in a very sarcastic tone. Dry wit prevails. I found myself roaring with laughter time and time again, and saving passages to show to everyone I knew. I think the humor in this book was close to my own personal sense of humor. The book has its flaws, but overall was a great read. I mean, dragons, talking mice and a Buffy-esque main character? LOVE IT. The cover is a little… well, I hate the cover. It has next to nothing to do with the story. Seanan McGuire also writes horror as Mira Grant, and she makes me laugh in those books too. But those are more “The world i gone to hell, so why don’t we make fun of it?”.

So, what book makes you laugh?


One thought on “30 Day Book Challenge, Day 3

  1. WP –
    Glad you’ve found something that tickles the literary buttons. I’ll tell you what, it was probably a little over a year ago now when I read it, but renowned Japanese author, Haruki Murakami wrote a very short book (all full of short stories) called After the Quake. Therein is a short story called “Super Frog Saves Tokyo” and I had never laughed out loud so much before reading that. Oh, so good. Anyhow. Great work on the posts. Looking forward to more.

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