Blackout by Mira Grant: TOMORROW!

So I have just been informed that Blackout, the conclusion to the Newsflesh series (Feed, Deadline and Blackout) by Mira Grant comes out tomorrow. So many emotions right now.

These books are just phenomenal, and if you haven’t read them, you really should. Especially now that book three is out. Because I had to wait for a year after reading book two, and it has one hell of an ending. I was quite seriously sitting here yelling at the book.

Zombie apocolypse plus badass bloggers. I love it.

But now I have a dilemma. I read Feed and Deadline from the library. The library doesn’t have book three yet. And it isn’t even on order. So with it being released tomorrow, do I buy book three and then fill in my collection with books one and two? Do I wait until the library gets it, or until I get an eReader and can buy it for a little less money? Do I ask for the whole series for my birthday (next month)? Do I just buy all the books now?

Agh! Dilemma!


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