My Collection – A Sneak Peak

A dear friend of mine (HI BECCA!) keeps mentioning how she wants to see my book collection, because she imagines it being heaped around my apartment.

Honestly, this would have been true about two months ago. I had books stacked beside my bed, on the end tables, on the coffee table, on the floor… pretty much everywhere. It was horrible when I had to take books back to the library, because I would have to spend a day (at the very least) finding them all. Because I am getting married in two months, we are cleaning our apartment from top to bottom, so my books are currently all in nice little boxes until they can be lovingly placed in their new home.

Up until now, we had two little bookcases. One was my fiance’s, and was filled with his books. Not even all of his books, I must mention. Then I brought in a bookcase with doors on it. It really sucked for storing books, but it was better than nothing. So I crammed that sucker FULL of my books (and the rest of fiance’s). And it worked. Kind of. For a while. And then it exploded onto the floor, the couch, the end tables, etc.

So now, we are getting two new bookcases, and abandoning the one with the doors. We are also finding a new home for fiance’s literature masterworks collection (think literary and philosophical encyclopedias). A new home in that they will be in a cupboard rather than on the bookshelf. So that frees up three bookcases for the use of BOOKS. I have many many books. And it is really no wonder.

(hit the jump for some pictures)

Library Books
Behold! My library books! (And my pillow chair. I love my pillow chair!)

Recently Bought
Here are my recently purchased books. Along the top we have this last book sale’s spoils, and the larger box is from the last couple of book sales, as well as random books I found in my apartment while cleaning.


I didn’t have easy access to them to take a photo, but we have (between fiance and I) at LEAST three more boxes of books. How big are said boxes? Well I happened to have an empty one…

book box
Yeah. Three more of those. Filled with books. And I do mean stuffed.

Three bookcases may not be enough…

I will take pictures once my books are all safe and sound in their new bookcases. But until then, do you have any pictures of your book collections?

PS: I totally went back to the book sale. I got three more books, and there is a story behind WHY I went back. Sadly none of the books was Troika, and the story will have to wait for another blog post.


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