Currently Reading: Santa Olivia by Jacqueline Carey

I desperately needed a break from all the YA I have been reading lately. And really, it is my own fault for getting so many darn YA books from the library. I think I will be a little anti-YA for a while after this. Just like I was anti-politics after reading Dune. But, I digress.

(Potential spoilers ahead)

Santa Olivia. We chose this as our secondary selection for book club this month (the link is in my sidebar, and you are welcome to check it out and join us!) so I figured I should get it read. My dad, of all people, turned me on to Jacqueline Carey’s works. We were driving to my great aunt’s funeral, and he had the Naamah’s books on audio book. I was insanely sick at the time, and spent most of my time sleeping on the trip. But what I heard of the stories, I liked. So I decided I wanted to read them from the beginning. I have Kushiel’s Dart, but I haven’t found time to read it yet.

He has also listened to Santa Olivia and Saints Astray (which is book two of the series). I caught snippets of Saints Astray while he was driving me home on various occassions.

That was a lot of backstory to say I know what happens in book two. But there you have it. So I expected something a little different from Santa Olivia. I mean. I already know about Loup’s relationships. I didn’t really expect to see her beginnings. And the very beginning at that (before she was even around). I didn’t expect to see so much of Outpost. And I am still a little confused as to why exactly it exists.

And every time I see the name Loup Garron in full, it makes me think of Lou Gehrig. Just, you know, a note. Names. They are important.

Overall? I am enjoying it. The book started at a solid 3 stars for me, and is easing into a 4 star rating as it progresses.


2 thoughts on “Currently Reading: Santa Olivia by Jacqueline Carey

    • Oh hey, look I can reply to you directly! Fancy that!
      I really am enjoying the book. I LIKE her writing style. A lot. Would I go so far to say she is a wordsmith as I have with some other authors? No. But she is a wonderful storyteller, and that does count for something.

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