Book Sale Tomorrow!

Barring a few obvious exceptions (Christmas, birthdays, my impending wedding) I think my favorite day has to be book sale day. And that day happens to be tomorrow!

The local children’s hospital sets up tables and tables of books at the local mall. All the books have been donated, and all the proceeds go back to the hospital. And the books, because they are used, are dirt cheap. I love it. It is a bookworm’s HEAVEN! I generally walk away with around 20-30 books, and spend around $50. I haven’t read most of the books I bought at past sales, it’s true, but I am building my collection!

I tend to stay away from the hardcover tables. I don’t like hardcovers much to begin with, so unless a book is something I MUST have, I won’t buy it in hardcover. My favorites are the cheap fiction section ($1.00/$0.50 per book) and the Science Fiction and Fantasy tables. And the horror table. Even though it is small compared to the rest, there are always some goodies on there.

While I do enjoy Twilight, I get a kick out of seeing it so horribly misplaced on the various tables at the book sale. As there is no Young Adult section (yet) the many copies of Twilight get placed on the horror table, the literature table, the fantasy table, the fiction table, and the classics table. I always ask them to make a YA section. Just to keep the Twilight away from the other books. And to keep from confusing the kids of today. I enjoy Twilight, I don’t think it is a classic, or even “literature”.

Tomorrow I get to go RIGHT as the sale opens, which makes me all sorts of happy. Then I will get to go again next week sometime. I want to volunteer for the book sale sometime when my health is a little better. Not only to help with something I love so much, but also to get an insider’s edge on books I want.

Any books I should keep an eye out for?

(Past excellent finds include the first Game of Thrones for $2.75, the first six Outlander novels for $10, the entire Ender’s series including the Shadow line for $20, etc.)


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