My “Good Book” Shopping List – Part 1: Prelude

Recently, I read Dune for a book club I am a part of. And I don’t know what I expected from Dune, but I didn’t expect what I got.

OK, that was partially a lie. I expected something. It was vague, but the expectation was there. I thought Dune was going to be a big epic Sci-Fi with space battles and laser guns. And adventure. Can’t forget the adventure. I mean, it is DUNE, right? It is one of the most praised science fiction books of all time. It had to be epic.

Instead, I got 535 pages of political verbosity and worldbuilding.

So, once I finished with Dune, I hurried to my local library and grabbed as many Young Adult books as I could find. I needed fluff. I needed insubstantial goo to fill my brain with.

So far, all I have really found is a lot of bad books.

And before I go off and post horrible review after horrible review, I thought I should nail down what it is in my mind that makes a book “good”.

So, I am going to try and work on that while I re-read a few things that I wouldn’t necessarily review here, anyways. (Song of the Lioness series, I am looking at you!)


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