Currently Reading: “Across the Universe” by Beth Revis

I am not entirely sure how this book got such high ratings, to be honest. I find the writing style to be vague, and the promise on the front of the book is as-yet unfulfilled. This book is written in first person, and it flips back and forth between two characters. Every other chapter. Like clockwork. It is like Twilight in SPACE and without the vampires (yet). I enjoyed Twilight, but I am not connecting to this book.

I am on page 131 of 400-and-something. Below are a few of my predictions. As the plot is fairly transparent, I advise you avoid reading if you don’t want to be spoilered.

– Eldest and Doc are the bad guys.
– The in-between Eldest isn’t actually dead, and is probably Orion.
– Or, Orion could be Elder’s dad.
– Or, the above two points could be true.
– Elder + Amy = *kissy noises* at the very least. Mating season IS coming up.
– The perfectly ordered society of the ship is going to be shaken up.
– Something is up with the ship. It isn’t moving as it should be. Or maybe it is some sick social experiment and it isn’t moving at all.


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